Womenswear in the Heart of Wetherby

Olivia Grace offers age appropriate fashion but always with a style edge. Labels are carefully selected to offer quality, individuality and value. We cherry pick the best pieces from the collections each season to present a versatile array of fabulous fashion, handbags, jewellery and accessories.

We love individuality

With an instinct for individuality, we continually strive to put together a fresh and innovative collection of beautiful clothes. Our customers tell us that they love our boutique because they know that they will always find something different.


Style over fashion

We side with style over fashion, think timelessness is underrated and find that clothes look best when they’re lived in. We love colour blocking and pattern mixing and think everything’s right when something’s left just a little imperfect so long as it’s paired with a red lip.

We don’t believe there’s such as this as overdressed and we don’t believe there’s just one way to wear an outfit, but we do have a few ideas on how to pull one together. For us the magic is in the mix.

Fashion obsessed


Olivia Grace’s professional friendly team make a visit both a relaxed and exciting destination for any of today’s women seeking expert service and, above all, the ultimate shopping experience.


About As Olivia Grace’s owner, you’ll find Jackie flying between buying appointments and meetings throughout the week. Every day is different and there’s never a quiet moment for her, but the shop floor buzz is what she loves most about working in retail. Over the last few years, she has created a wonderful community of ladies who love what we do. Many of these are friends now which makes running Olivia Grace so much easier and fun to be at work. Her guilty pleasure has got to be indulging in some really good food or cheering on her son at the side of the football pitch. She’s known for her chocaholic tendencies and is often guilty of tempting the entire team into chocolate indulgences!
Fave Designer This season I love the collection from PENNYBLACK. Fabulous quality and something a little bit different.
Coffee Skinny latte, two shots


About Kate is our ‘cool mum’ due to her quirky and fashion-forward style. She joined us in 2014 and you’ll find her on the shop floor on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and the occasional Saturday. When she’s not here, she has her hands full with her two teenage girls!
Her infectious humour always has the team laughing and she’s great at creating an outfit with an edge. She loves visual merchandising…one of her favourite parts of the job. Her not-so-favourite parts include steaming, emptying the bin and making coffee which she has a knack of avoiding!
Fave Designer So hard to choose! Being a devotee of anything quirky, I’m loving the new collection from Danish designer Bitte Kai Rand and the effortless design of swiss label REPEAT.
Coffee Americano with a little cold skimmed milk.


About DI is our newest recruit, joining in 2017. She loves the fast-paced buzz that ensures there’s never a dull day here, as well as working alongside a team that is never short of lots of giggles! You’ll find her styling up a storm at work on Mondays, Tuesdays and most Saturdays.

Outside of work, she’ll be looking after her menagerie of hens, Blossom and Heather and her 4 cats Bibi, Bunny, Robin and Brian. That’s when she’s not on one of her jet-setting holidays.

Fave Designer I love the OUI knits and their leather jackets are amazing!
Coffee Skinny cappuccino.


About Sarah is one of our lovely new team members, joining team OG as a part-time stylist. Mum to two children, Sarah’s kept busy when not working! With a love for fashion and shopping, being a stylist at Olivia Grace is her dream job, but you may see her in another guise as Sarah is a film extra in her spare time…most notably playing the dead wife of Neil Morrissey!
Fave Designer  I love IBLUES because it’s just so stylish and quirky and also I love the the simplicity of REPEAT.
Coffee Americano


About Meet Beverley, our fabulous Saturday girl! Mum to two girls…and grandma to the adorable Betsy, she thrives off helping someone find something that makes them feel on top of the world. Born to do this job, she is quiet, calm but totally on it. Beverley always has a big smile and her mood is totally relaxed which is a good thing especially working with Di who goes at everything at 200 miles an hour. We love her and it really does feel like she has been with us for ages.

Beverley used to be a nurse so our customers always feel totally spoiled by her caring approach 🙂

Fave Designer Oui knitwear …I love their neutral tones
Coffee Skinny latte…but just one a day!


About Izzy is our fun and friendly part-time, occasional, when-she-can-make-it, Saturday girl…that’s when she’s not at Liverpool University where she’s dong a History degree. Working alongside the hardworking OG team during the holidays is what she loves best, that’s when she’s not planning her (many) nights out…well she is a student! or trying to tempt her dog Tilly into a walk! She loves the mix of unique brands that can be found in an Indie Retailer and likes to hear customer stories about how good they felt or how many compliments they got on the outfit she helped style, especially when it was slightly out of their usual comfort zone!
Fave Designer I love the BRAX skinny jeans.
Coffee Iced Caramel Frappuccino.